JackaJay - Electric Roof Lift System

Bring your Wind up Camper Trailer into the 21st Century.



JackaJay- The Easy Way

Can it really be this simple?

Trouble Free Set Up

. . . means more time with your feet up.

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What Is JackaJay

The JackaJay lift system is a 12V Electric Roof Lift System for all wind up Camper Trailers. 

Driven by precision linear motor drive technology, with energy efficient direct drive lift which offers outstanding dependability.

No reworking of the structure or cabinetry within your camper trailer. JackaJay fits in exactly the same place as the old winch and cable system.  Simply remove the old system and install JackaJay – The Easy Way!

The only component that is retained is the telescopic legs. 


Safety Features

  • JackaJay Roof Lock feature, ensuring zero movement of roof with Controller Turned off. No nasty surprises!


  • Full colour LCD 4.3 inch touch screen.
  • Fault / Obstruction detection.
  • Elimination of operator error.
  • Plug and Play Harnessing


Features / Benefits

  • 12V Electric 
  • Retrofitted to older camper trailers 
  • DIY friendly
  • Colour coded components for error-free installation
  • 5 year warranty (domestic use)
  • Live Battery Voltage monitoring.
  • Undervoltage control.



About Us

Jacka Industries Pty Ltd is whole owned and managed by Stuart & Malcolm Badman, father and son partnership, born and bred in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Engineering expertise and vast experience across multiple businesses, coupled with extensive electrical and marketing expertise, lends itself to a strong and motivated team, that sets their sights on the supply of the JACKAJAY system, ready for years of use throughout the recreation market.

We pride ourselves on our Australian home grown innovation, locally sourced and assembled product. We strive to work closely with our suppliers, right through to you, the client, ensuring that all your needs are met and you come away with a positive experience that you happily share with others.

Mal and Stu of Jacka Industries

Happy Customers

Nice bit of kit and some good features in the design. I’ve got a trade background in instrumentation, so I can appreciate the effort you guys have gone to, Cheers


This system is so great. Yes, we were setting up in the rain, but we could focus on other tasks while the JackaJay was working hard for us.

Simone and Family

Thanks, guys the units is fantastic and easy to install, works a treat too!

Brian W

The HD unit has done the trick. We really appreciate your after sales service. Its rare to see. Thanks again.

Jason and Jodie

The JackaJay has made our travels much more relaxed with now no stressing about the cables breaking.

Peta N

Got out and used the camper over the last 2 weekends here in New Zealand. Thanks again for the JackaJay roof lift system. It works great. Press the button, go and set the stabilisers and its done.

Dave T

Can not thank you enough for getting my Coromal 392 sorted. Awesome product and awesome service.

Aaron G

Hi Stuart, I have installed the JackaJay system. It looks great and I must say, as an old sparkie, I am impressed with the quality – Thanks

Peter B

The JackaHD is now installed and operational in my Goldstream Goldstar. The Instructions were easy to follow and the equipment functions smoothly and intelligently. The control Panel is so simple. Thank you again for a brilliant well-designed product.

Ian H

Since this first trip, we have enjoyed countless others, each time grateful for the simplicity and peace of mind the JackaHD provides. Love supporting local.

Simone and Family

The JackaJay saves my back and makes the whole campervan set-up process so much easier.

Casey D

Our camper now sets up so much neater and with the JackaJay system and awesome step-by-step instructions to the installation. Now off to enjoy 2 weeks on Fraser Island.

Daniel L

Your JackaJay Lift System Components

JackaJay flexible push rod spring

Flexible Push Rods

Jackas’ New range of Tempered Push Rods.

JackaJay Motors


Patented JackaJay Linear Drive System.

JackaJay onboard controller

JackaJay Controller

Advanced 4.3Inch Touch Screen

JackaJay Rear Harness

 Cable Harnesses

Industrial Grade Pug-n-Play Control Cables

JackaJay Drive Tubes

Drive Tubes

Colour Coded Drive Tubes for Simple Installation

JackaJay corner guides

 Corner Guides

Mandrel bent push rod Corner guides

JackaJay – The Easy Way

12V Electric Roof Lift System for all wind up Camper Trailers.

Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions or any queries around our products.