JackaJay Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the JackaJay lift system developed?

From a personal experience. A failed winch lift system ended our annual holiday and once we understood why it failed and how the winch system worked, we simply thought that there must be a better way. . .  and there wasn’t. Hence the development of JackaJay.

Why do I need the JackaJay lift system?

The existing winch system was patented in 1960s and has had very little improvements since. Many other campers and caravans have electric options, why shouldn’t yours? It’s time to bring wind up camper trailers into the 21st century.

JackaJay is the solution.

The benefits of this modern system are:

  • Replaces outdated manual winch
  • Far easier to lift your camper trailer roof
  • Fool-proof – if you leave a clip on, the controller stops and alerts you.
  • Ensures your holiday is stress-free e.g No broken winch cables.
  • DIY kit that’s easy to install.
  • Extends the life of your camper trailer
  • Removes the anxiety of having a winch cable snap

Is it worth purchasing an electric system?

The JackaJay price is equivalent to many other Camper and Hybrid Electric roof lift systems. 

What is your holiday and peace of mind worth? The JackaJay lift system is an investment, it has the capacity to save your holiday and add value to your camper. Not to mention, no more manual winching . . .

The JackaJay system is a total redesign of your lift system, not a patch up. The kit includes 4 x lift actuators. Touch screen controller and plug-n-play wiring harnesses, plus many other components.

The kit also comes pre-assembled, we have taken the time to assemble and test every kit. This minimizes expensive labor costs at our customers end.

Do you have warranty on the JackaJay Electric System and for how many years?

Yes, we have a 5 years replacement warranty for any failed component for private usage.

A 2 years warranty applies to commercial or business usage. (Including Camplify and other lease arrangements)

Can the JackaJay kit be installed into older models?

It is designed to fit into all builds of wind up campers that have a similar designed Jayco lift system.

We have also developed a Heavy Duty system for those campers that have a roof that is heavier then 200kgs.

How much weight can the JackaJay lift system lift?

The Jayco lift TARE limitation of 79Kg on the roof still applies to the all Jayco campers, and as a rule, we have applied the same limitation to all other wind up campers.  We are not able to modify and strengthen the construction of the roof and mount points.

Is the JackaJay kit designed for DIY installation?

YES. JackaJay kits are totally DIY friendly. It has been designed with colour-coded corners, plug-n-play electrical harness and preassembled components to assist the DIYer or professional installer.

Has the JackaJay system been tested yet? How can I trust it?

At Jacka Industries we have thoroughly tested and stressed the JackaJay lift system to the equivalent of 30 years of use.  It has taken 4 years of research and development to perfect the design.  Input from multiple professional fields, has allowed us to bring a compact and reliable system to the market.

What maintenance is required?

The JackaJay system is mostly sealed and has very little mechanical components that need to be serviced. A light dry lubrication of the telescopic posts, checks on the electric connections and a vacuum of the cavity is all that is required. It can easily be done by yourself at home.

Where does the controller go?

The controller is mounted in the front boot of the camper on the passenger side.

What happens if I do not have a battery?

We can supply you with a Jacka Auxiliary Battery Kit.

1 x AGM Deep Cycle Battery, 1 x battery case, 1 x wiring harness AND 1 x 10W Regulated solar panel.

What tools do I need to do the installation myself?

As the kit is preassembled. You will require basic hand tools, battery drill, hole saw, drill and driver bits and roof struts (cut to length timber) to support the roof whilst installing.

How long does it take to install the JackaJay System?

Our installers can have the old winch system out and JackaJay installed in 8 hours. We recommend DIYers to allow a day with a Friend.

What happens if my battery is flat?

The JackaJay system comes complete with a jumper cable that plugs directly into the JackaJay control box – hook the jumper cables to your car battery or alternate 12V power source, and you’re set to go.


Will I still need my 1200mm corner supports poles?

No, JackaJay has a powerless auto-locking mechanism. It ensures that once the roof is up, it stays up. Providing a safe caravan for your family.

Do the telescoping legs have to be replaced?

No, if they are still straight and undamaged, the existing telescoping legs remain.

Why should I buy a JackaJay Electric Roof System?

Thousands of holidays are affected each year due to failure of the old winch and cable lift system. When the old system fails it is expensive and hard to repair. It’s only a matter of time! Most repairers cannot carry out repairs for many weeks, or even months due to the required labour.

If your old system is damaged why replace it with the same faulty system? For about the same price you can have a repairer install the JACKJAY System – guaranteed peace of mind. (Installation cost may vary due to the repairer).

What happens if I leave a clip on, or the roof hits an obstruction when going up?

The JackaJay controller will immediately sense the fault and will automatically stop and lower the roof to remove any pressure. The controller also indicates the corner that has experienced the fault.

Can the JackaJay system be installed by a caravan repair centre?

Yes, We are continually growing our authorised distributor network to bring you experienced and professional installers near you. 

What gets removed from my camper?

The old winch, cables, corner elbows, pulleys and square tubes are all removed and discarded.

Do I have to make any modifications to my wind up camper trailer?

No. The JackaJay kit is designed to fit into exactly the same space as the old winch and cable system.


Does it add any extra weight to the caravan?

No, the JackaJay kit is a very similar weight to the existing winch system.

What suppliers does Jacka Industries use?

We have endeavored to source products from as many Australian suppliers as possible, as well as high quality suppliers from around the globe. We produce our own components and complete kit assembly here in Australia. This ensures that we are able to provide a cost effective and a high-quality product for our customers.


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