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The JackaJay Product

Images of the JackaJay Lift System

All our parts are streamlined, robust and colour-coded for simple assembly.

JackaJay Full Kit Image

Replace your camper trailer’s wind up lift system with Jacka Industries innovative electric roof lifting system – JackaJay (pictured above). All parts are easily identifiable and colour coded for easy installation. Your new JackaJay kit comes with all you need to install and upgrade your camper trailer, so you can get back to what you love.

JackaJay Motors

12 volt DC motor drives

JackaHD Motor Upgrade

JackaHD upgraded 12 volt DC high powered motor drives

JackaJay New In Box

What’s in the Box?

JackaJay Drive Tubes
JackaJay corner guide
JackaJay Jumper Lead
JackaJay Rear Harness
JackaJay Decal & Cover Plate
JackaJay onboard controller
JackaJay Assembly Components
JackaJay flexible push rod spring
JackaJay Battery Harness
Getting away - what Jacka Industries is all about

JackaJay – The Easy Way

12V Electric Roof Lift System for all wind up Camper Trailers.

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